The last glowing light of the sun stretching above the horizon. Shot on the west coast of Sweden.

A Study Of The Country Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden is located in northern Europe and is part of the wider area of land known as Scandinavia. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden constitute Scandinavia.
Sweden borders Norway along its eastern side from the lower middle to the top. Its lower east side is bordered by the North Sea. The Baltic Sea borders its western side, which extends upwards to form the Gulf of Bothnia. Finland borders the top section as well. The capital of Sweden is the city of Stockholm, located in the central regions of the land and consisting of various islands.

Sweden is a country that has many waterways and the sight of boats and yachts is part of Swedish culture. Fishing is a major employment sector for the economy. Since ancient history, fishing has been and still is practised by Swedes to this day and the Swedish salmon is highly regarded globally.

Despite the country utilising natural resources, such as trees there is a marked focus by organisations and the government on sustaining the natural environment. The maintenance of historical structures and buildings is of high priority and enables the present and future generations to have a glimpse of Swedish history.

Stockholm. The famous square Stor Torget in Old Town.

The Swedish Church cathedrar (Svenska Kyrkan or Gustav Adolfs Kyrkan) Sundsvall, Sweden.

The country has the monarchy head as head of the state, yet the government has prime political authority along with his or her cabinet board. The royal family plays more of a representative role while elegant palaces are still maintained and used in current times.

Sweden is a country of vast history and culture. High quality concerts, musical theoretical productions, museums and dramatic performances are offered as entertainment throughout the year.

The climate of Sweden is not as cold as one might imagine for its closeness to the Arctic Circle, due to the warmer sea currents.

From the days of being the origin of conquering and strong Vikings, the land of Sweden has taken a neutral stance in both World Wars. Gender equality, human rights issues and personal freedom are celebrated and protected in Sweden. Swedes tend to be individualistic yet they enjoy comradeship, especially at special times of the year.

Although not a highly religious country, Lutheranism has been a major dominating religion. Although there are roots to paganism from pre-Christianity, pagan associated events such as celebrating the change of seasons are still acknowledged with festivities to our present day.

The culture of Sweden is highly adaptable to foreign influences, yet a distinctive individualistic trend pervades all Swedish creations. This is the country that gave us the world’s first ice hotel and Utter Inn (an underwater hotel). Major important people in history have originated from this land, such as Alfred Nobel.

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