Air balloons flying over a small marina a warm summers day.Photo taken at Årstaviken,Stockholm (Sweden).

Sweden Arranged Adventures

Some companies in Sweden arrange adventures for tourists and local inhabitants. Imagine watching the tree tops, natural environments, roof tops and populated areas of habitat all from a slow moving aerial view. This is possible with an air balloon.

One of the major adventures is ballooning over areas of Sweden, while being carried in a basket attached to a hot air balloon. It is customarily to view hot air balloons floating over Stockholm at the time of sunset, during summer months. It has been assessed that about 90% of commercial hot air balloons set off at sunset, and this is a beautiful and calmer time of the summer day.

Scandinavian Balloons advertises itself as the oldest air balloon company in Sweden, and possibly in Europe as it began operating in 1979. With VIP tickets, travellers can enjoy more space and have one compartment of two people. This company generally flies with a maximum of three people per a compartment in the basket. Other companies tend allow five people per compartment.


Balloon Company Up &Down markets itself as the leader in hot air ballooning. This company began in 1991.
To buy someone a ticket for a balloon flight is a fun and adventurous gift for any time of the year. The actual experience is considered to be exciting yet tranquil.

Anyone about to take a flight on a hot air balloon in Sweden has the chance to meet the pilot of the floating balloon. A traveller may also assist in inflating the balloon. The whole event may take about 4 to 5 hours, inclusive of the flight. Travellers may spend about an hour up in the air during a flight. All flights do not take off until the travellers have been informed of safety rules.

The balloon is navigated by the wind. Once the balloon has landed there may be a baptism, as this is considered a tradition after such a flight. There is also team effort in packing away the balloon and you might even get a Diploma of recognition of your flight experience. A drink of champagne or some non-alcoholic drink may be served by some companies to celebrate the flight and safe landing.

However balloon companies tend to offer services only during pleasant weather that is suitable for ballooning and this is mostly during summer. As the lift off of a balloon is affected by the weather, a scheduled balloon flight is not guaranteed. Due to change of weather or unsuitable conditions, the flightcan be re-scheduled for another date.
Ballooning occurs in various locations over Sweden and it is an accepted part of the summer seasons to see it. Guidelines on how to dress for ballooning are needed;these include wearing long sleeves, trousers, comfortable flat shoes and a hat for protection against the above heating burner. The exclusion of travellers wearing jewellery and scarves is also important, to avoid possible accidents and injury.

Anyone under the age of 12 years is not permitted to ride in an air balloon. Anyone from 12 to 18 may travel on such a flight on condition that the youth travels with a parent or has written permission from a parent or guardian. Pregnant women should not travel on an air balloon as on arrival the basket may thud into the ground with a knock or bump.

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