Arlanda, Sweden - June 28, 2011: The control tower at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Swe: Arlandatornet). Built between 1999-2001. The tower is 83 metres tall.

Sweden - Air Travel

There are various international, regional, military and civilian/public airports in Sweden. In the capital city of Stockholm is the Stockholm Bromma Airport (8km from the city center), which was the first airport to have paved runways from the beginning when it began operating. King Gustav V opened this airport in 1936 and as years went by it become too small for the amount of air traffic and did not have the longer run ways required for the jets. Currently the Stockholm Bromma Airport does mainly national flights and regional flights.

The Stockholm Arlanda Airport opened between the years of 1960-1962 to accommodate the increase in air traffic. There is a fast rail link from Arlanda Airport to the city center. Buses and taxis are also available at this airport to transfer passengers to the city center or elsewhere.

There are listed public and military airports. Swedavia is state owned and manages eleven airports in Sweden. This includes four in northern Sweden, two in southern Sweden, one in the west area, and then there is the Visby Airport in Gotland (12th largest airport in Sweden and this is the only one on Gotland Island) and two airports in the Stockholm region. What is impressive about Swedavia, is that it is in the forefront of developing airports with the least environmental impact.

Some of Sweden’s main international airports are Arlanda (the largest) in Stockholm, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (the second largest) in the Gothenburg region and Malmo (about 28km east of Malmo, a city which is the third most populated in Sweden) airport. Malmo airport is Sweden's 5th busiest airport and has rental cars, bus and taxi services available for passengers on ground level. It is an airport that is known to cater for low cost carriers and has attracted a great deal of air traffic especially due to its lower landing fees relative to some other airports.

Other international airports in Sweden are Gothenburg City Airport (in Gothenburg) and Stockholm Skavsta Airport (in Stockholm), which are both catering for low cost airlines.

The 10th largest airport in Sweden is Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport. It was a military airport and then turned into a public airport, based in southern Sweden. The last military flights were from the very early 2000's as the military left in 2002.

Stockholm Västerås Airport is an airport about 100km west of Stockholm. Even though its name implies it may be close, it is quite far from the city. Ground transport includes a private bus coach that takes generally one and a half hours to Stockholm Central Station.

Some Swedish airlines include Nordic Air Sweden and SAS Scandinavian Airlines. The latter is a national carrier that transports passengers via Stockholm to various major cities in Sweden.

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