Stockholm Marathon 2006.

Sweden - Annual Special Events

•Vikingarännet – is an annual long distance ice skating race, also known as The Viking Run. This latter name is due to the route being considered a noteworthy transport route used by the Vikings. The route is from Uppsala to Stockholm over 80km. The shorter course is 50km and named Vikingaturen. Skating is not permitted at night. This winter event began in 1999, however the route is considered to be a classic one for many skiers during many past years. The skiing is done over the ice sheets in winter sometimes in February, on Mälaren Lake. As the race occurs on natural ice, there have been some years when the event has not occurred due to lack of sufficient icing of the lake.

•Aselenappet – Ice fishing competition in Lapland
•Elite Race – In the city of Stockholm is a horse racing track named Solvalla and it is the site of an international trotting competition. The Elite Race is done on the last Sunday during the month of May. Solvalla is the largest harness racing track in the country.
•Stockholm Marathon – is rated as one of the top 10 running marathons in the world. It began in 1979 and is held every year generally in early June. Runners set off at 11:30am and do the marathon on a Saturday (in many other city marathons runs are done on a Sunday).
•Vätternrundan – is rated as the world’s longest bicycle recreational race. The route is over 300km and raced over a period of two weekends in June. The cycling route begins in the town of Motala and then riders circle the Vättern Lake to finally end back in Motala. Numerous groups take part in the race, each group consisting of 60 to 70 cyclists and with a two minute interval between the starting times of each group. As there are so many cyclists, the first group sets off from the starting line at 7:30pm on a Friday and the last group may only set off at 5:30am on Saturday. There are nine stops along the route, which enables cyclists to eat, drink, receive first aid and even massages. Each rider can measure his or her own time as all riders wear an RF transponder around the ankle. This race has roots from 1966 and has grown to attract many cyclists, even from other nations.
•Öland’s Harvest Festival is hosted in early October and is held over four days. There is celebration with local foods, concerts and exhibitions and it is the largest harvest festival in the country. The pumpkin has been established as the emblem for this festival. Öland is an island that hosts this special event from the Thursday evening to Sunday night during the months of late September into early October. This autumn festival began in 1997. In bygone days the end of the growing season (before winter) was acknowledged as Michaelmas, when animals were bought into stables to protect them from the harsh cold months ahead and when crops or the harvest were gathered for market. The festival has a magazine published based on it. Art shows, fairs and hot air balloons are among the prime attractions.

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