Famous Swedish Vegetation

In Sweden there are some special trees that have survived for many years. The following is about the oldest tree and the most ancient root system in this Scandinavian country.

The Pedunculate oak is Sweden’s oldest and largest known tree and referred to as Kvilleken. It is speculated that it is over a 1000 years old. As old oak trees have a hollow trunk, it is impossible to determine its age by counting the tree rings (tree rings within the trunk indicate the age of a tree). This oak tree is greatly aged and part of its trunk has begun to collapse. To reduce further collapse;it is supported by cables. The girth of the tree is measured as significantly expanding, even to this day.

This tree is also known as belonging to the family of trees known as the English Oak and is part of the largest tree species in Europe. They are acknowledged as being one of the longest living deciduous trees.

These trees are often implicated in mythology and are natives in most parts of Europe. Kvilleken is located in the Mariannelund locality, in Eksjö Municipality within Jönköping County. The land of the area surrounding this ancient tree is noted as being hilly and deep in forest vegetation. The official age record of Kvilleken is stated as being 115 years old at the dated year of 2013.


There is a difference in labelling trees as old;it may either be by the trunk or root system.

Old Tjikko is an extremely ancient tree;its root system under the tree is estimated to be soon approaching 10 000 years in several decades time. It is carbon dating that shows it is over 9000 years;however the actual trunk is about a few hundred years old. Old Tjikko is a Norway Spruce tree and lives on a mountain, namely the Fulufjället Mountain, in central Sweden. The Norway Spruce is also known as the European Spruce and is native to Europe.

This large, fast-growing evergreen coniferous tree also yields cones and the tree has been a source of a type of beer, called spruce beer. This tree is world renowned for being the oldest known individual living clonal tree. The root system of this tree enables it to sprout a new tree;this means that when the old trunk dies it keeps replacing the old tree with another sprout to grow into a tree. This tree also does layering with its low hanging branches.

A 9,550 year old Norway Spruce tree, located on Fulufjället Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden

Layering is when the branches of tree reach the ground;and with this ground contact there is formation of more roots. Old Tjikko does this due to heavy weight from the snow in winter, which presses down on its branches. There are about 20 other spruce trees aged at about 8000 years each, which surround this ancient one. Note due to the climate history of Sweden involving great ice coverage, it is practically improbable for any trees to be older than 10 000 years and be dated from such far back times.

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