Sweden - Laws regarding right of public access for humans and pets

•A cyclist may cycle anywhere in the wild, as long as such activity does not disturb or damage the local environment. In Sweden it is illegal for a landowner to a place up a sign along any road or path on his or her property.

It is also a responsibility for the cyclist to have consideration to alter the style of cycling to the area, such as when cycling along a jogging path or hiking trail it is important to cycle slowly while moving aside for joggers and hikers. It is also of consideration, for all cyclists to not cycle over delicate areas, such as moss. Try also avoiding erosion on the land, by being mindful of factors such as weather conditions.

Some local areas may have paths with ‘no cycling’ signs, while a banning of cycling is up to the discretion of national park boards and the authorities of protected areas.

•Horse riding, is permitted generally in all areas except:
On trails intended for joggers, hikers and skiers
On sensitive areas of land such as those covered by moss
It is also of consideration for riders to avoid damaging young trees and wet ground
Avoid cultivated (farm) lands and lands near to houses
Landowners do have the right to place up ‘no riding’ signs to avoid riders damaging high risk areas on their land
National parks and nature reserves may also place up restrictions

•It is not permitted for walkers or skiers to have access on cultivated (farm) land or land near houses. Walkers and skiers are responsible for where they trespass;consideration is required as there are certain areas that would not be suitable such as a patch of land with newly planted trees.

As for pet owners of dogs, there are some special precautions to acknowledge and respect. The natural wild life of Sweden is strictly protected, and to allow tamed pet dogs to roam freely may be a disturbance to wild animals. For this reason it is a requirement that pet dogs are kept on a lead from the 1 March to 20 August every when walking your dog in the country side. This includes any area where there is livestock (such as cattle), game and wild animals. For all other times of the year, which is when most animals may be hibernating or be less active in the colder weather it is essential to keep your dog under tight control but the dog may be free of the hand held lead. Some areas of land that keep and conserve reindeer would necessitate that pet owners always have their dog on a lead, when in that specific area.

Generally though various Swedish homes have pets, and the country caters for pets. Special holiday packages for tourists, who want to bring their pets along, are also offered. These are known as dog-friendly package holidays. However compared to other EU countries, foreign visitors with accompanying dogs may find that rules for bringing a dog into Sweden are more difficult.