Cathedral of Linköping in Sweden

Sweden - Linkoping

The capital of Östergötland County is Linköping (one of the oldest cities in the country), located in the southern middle section of Sweden.

The history of this city includes the well-known local event recalled as the 'bloodbath of Linköping'. In 1598 the Battle of Stångebro occurred in this town with the town residents choosing to be on the Catholic side. In 1600 numerous executions took place in the town. The executions were done on many defeated members of the catholic army ruled by King Sigismund. This enabled Duke Karl and his Protestant forces to have full control over the country of Sweden. To remember those loss of lives, a memorial has been constructed at the main square of Linköping.

This is considered to be a modern industrial city. A main employer is Saab (aerospace and defence manufacturing company and for a certain number of years also automobile manufacturing).

The local Linköping University has roots from 1969 and is the place of Sweden's National Supercomputing Centre (NSC). The city has great links with the hi-technology industry and it was in 1993 that students in Linköping developed Sweden’s first website.

The city has a military airfield outside the city and as a result does not have any tall buildings. Nonetheless the cathedral can be seen from afar outside the city. The cathedral and castle are medieval buildings;the city seems to have its roots (founded) from the Middle Ages. To the north of the city centre is Tornby, a wide shopping area with major retail shops and massive parking lots for shoppers.

The Linköping Symphony Orchestra is based in the city and is part of the wide cultural entertainment offered to the public;which boosts theatre, arts, festivals, concerts and sport activities.

This is a major city but a city with a close-knit small town atmosphere. There are three liquor stores by Systembolaget. Systembolaget has a monopoly on liquor stores in Sweden, and is state owned. However any alcoholic drink with approx. less than 3% alcohol can be purchased from supermarkets.

There are some great sites, such as the locks of Berg on the Göta Canal which attracts about 2 million visitors on cruise ship and related activities a year. This canal was built in the beginning of the 19th century. It was part of the about 614km waterway extending from Gotenburg to Söderköping. Sections of the canal are presently used to transport cargo.

To travel to the city by motor vehicle from Stockholm is about 200km (about 2 hours), while the distance from Malmö is about 500km (about 5 hours) with each route done on well-maintained roads.

For air travel there is the airport known as the Linköping Airport (which almost only has flights connecting to Amsterdam and Copenhagen) and there are taxis to transport air travellers to the city. Other nearby airports are Norrköping Airport, which is bout 45km away outside the city and Skavsta Airport, about 100km outside the city and both airports being north-east in direction from the city.

There are also local buses and taxis (the latter tending to be expensive modes of transportation). In 2002 Linköping was declared the ‘Swedish biking city of the year’ and to this present time many of the residents travel by bicycle. There are also bicycle maps available with marked routes for nature and tourist sights.

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