Swedish Police Car.

Sweden - Police

The Swedish Police Force consists of various government agencies concerned with policing. The Swedish Police Service has the majority of its members trained and skilled as police officers, and almost one third are formed from civilian staff. Although the percentages of males dominate as police officers, the percentages of females dominate as civilian staff.

All of the 21 Counties (the divisional geographical areas) in Sweden have a County Police Authority.

This authority is led by a County Police Commissioner. In addition, there is the County Police Board, consisting of local politicians and the commissioner. The Government of Sweden appoints the commissioners and members of the board. The County Police Authorities report to the Swedish National Police Board which in turn report to the Ministry of Justice.

The Swedish National Police Board (Rikspolisstyrelsen) is the main head administrative and supervisory authority of the police service. This board is led by the National Police Commissioner, who is appointed by the government. This board reports to the Ministry of Justice who directly liaises with the Prime Minister.

Swedish Police Boat.

Most of the Swedish Police force members are joined the Swedish Police Union (a trade union).

For the police to do their job, they utilise a number of various types of equipment, such as helicopters used to watch and search.

Swedish police vehicles were painted black and white during most of the 20th century. Since 1990, Swedish police cars began to be painted in blue and fluorescent yellow livery markings over basic original white body paint. The make of many Swedish police cars are either Volvos or Saabs.

Nearly all police officers wear a waist belt, to carry a service pistol, extra magazine, expandable baton, handcuffs, Sepura radio, Mobile/Smart phone mobile phone, pepper spray, keys and gloves. Police officers may also have possession of a duffel bag, to keep additional equipment including masks, a vest, different types of body protection and the old school baton. Many of the police officers also carry a RAKEL radio communication device. It is mandatory that all police officers must carry identification.

To report a crime, enquire or pass on a tip for the law enforces;the public may dial 114 14. This number is for all crime and safety related matters, except for urgent help by the police. There are operators taking calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Operators speak Swedish and English. To contact the Swedish police from abroad, the caller is to dial +46 77 114 14 00.

114 14 has an automated telephone service with several options:
•Police report regarding a crime or a notification of loss - press 1.
•Tip-off the police - press 2.
•Passports, opening hours or general questions - press 3.
•To speak directly with a person or switchboard operator - press 0 or wait.
•For information in English, please hold.
The number 112 is an emergency number for emergency assistance when there is danger to life, property or the environment. Dial this number in Sweden for immediate assistance from:
Fire department
Sea rescue services
Air rescue services
Mountain rescue services
Poison information
Customs authorities, for drug tips
On-call priests
Social emergency services
SOS Alarm

For more information, please view: http://polisen.se