Sweden - Residence based benefits for young and old

Sweden has developed a system that supports all sectors of the population, with special funding for times of greater need.

All parents or guardians of a child can claim for a tax free child allowance from the state. This is an entitlement until the child is aged 16 years. For any child aged 16 and older, who is studying full time may claim a study allowance.

For larger families with two or more children, there is right to the special large family supplement, financing provided by the government.

When a child has an illness or disability, the parent or guardian has the right to claim for financial allowances according to the particular case in support of the extra work and expenses in caring for such a child.

Nearly anyone living in Sweden (even though just a resident and not citizen) can claim from most of the benefits that are a right for all citizens.

There are two types of basic pension in Sweden. There is the guaranteed pension (which is a tax funded one and ensures a support safety net regardless of how dire one’s situation) which will vary in pay out according to how long someone has lived in the country. This is government financed;it is made possible through the high salary tax levied on all citizens. By utilizing from people that have the money to spare, the less advantaged sectors of the population can still manage. There is an attempt at eradicating extremes of living (excessive wealth to dreary poverty).

There is also the income pension. This is accumulated through years of working in Sweden, paid into a fund by you or your employer. Even if a Swede leaves the homeland and retires in another country, access to their income pension (if contributions were made) is given.

Unlike most other countries, Sweden is known to utilise more of its gross domestic product for supporting the elderly. It is the responsibility of local municipalities to manage and distribute care for the elderly.

The elderly tend to live longer in Sweden and are supported to live in their own homes, where they are provided with assistance in the form of delivery meals, cleaning and shopping assistance, and a transportation service. Home care is also a greater aspect of the support for the elderly.

Senior housing is expanding in the country, which are basically retirement homes. This is where there is a development of homes, only for people to live permanently from the age of 55 and over. Special housing units are for the much older sectors and for the frail, where there is 24 hour care.

For more information, please view: http://www.sweden.se