Sweden - Nightlife at Bars and Nightclubs

Many bars, clubs and nightclubs serve alcoholic beverages generally at high prices. Smartly dressed Swedes are more likely to gain entrance into clubs. It is important to be trendy, book your reservation and not be drunk when trying to be admitted into nightclubs.
Among the best rated trendy venues in Sweden are:
•1900, situated at Regeringsgatan 66, central Stockholm. The bar and restaurant of 1900 is stylish while drinks are made with pine, elderflower, grass and apple;and these special ingredients impart a unique flavour. The crowds at this bar are generally style conscious and sophisticated while being offered an array of cocktails and organic beers.
•Akkurat, situated at Hornsgatan 18 11820 Stockholm. This bar is noted for being one of the best stocked, with a variety of beers. From more than 20 on tap beers to bottled beers from different parts of the world. This is also the pub where patrons may have a choice of over 400 types of whiskey. The décor is notably brown and sometimes on weekends live bands perform at this venue.
•Berns, in Berzeli Park of Stockholm. The building is dated from the 19th century, and has a cocktail bar;a fashionable hotel, a Conran-designed restaurant, a red lounge bar decorated with low sofas, and members-only club only for Swiss located in the basement.
•Bistro Jarl, situated at Birger Jarlsgatan 7, 111 45 Stockholm. The patrons that frequent this French bistro tend to be wealthy and involved in media work or as lawyers. It has a bar area and it is advisable to book in advance, as space is limited at this venue.
•Bitter Bar, based at 59 Linnégatan, Göteborg, in the city of Gothenburg. This bar is known to cater for various types of scenes;such as first dates, socialising with mates or relaxing after work. This bar tends to serve sweet cocktails and some noteworthy ones are the strawberry daiquiris, mainly made of rum, lime juice, and sugar or other sweetener (with options of being served with chocolate sprinkles).
•Eken Bar located at 8 Guldgrend Södermalmstorg, Stockholm. This is one of the best hotel bars in the city, with a background of funk, disco and soul music. The décor is clean and simple.
•Fredsgatan 12 is situated in the Royal Academy of Arts building in Stockholm. The club area is divided by a staircase, one case is the relaxed bar for socialising while there is a beautiful waterside view. The other side has this upbeat club atmosphere. The crowd tend to be sophisticated.
•Hotellet, is so named as the building site it is based in was meant to be a hotel, located at Linnégatan 18, Stockholm. On week day nights, it is customarily to find the after-work crowds. Then on weekend nights, on Friday and Saturday this is a great place for the social scene.
•Laroy, situated at Birger Jarlsgatan 20, Stockholm. This is the venue for being noted to offer patrons a great party throughout the night. There is a luxurious setting with space for dancing and interacting with Swedes who are prepared to spend quite a bit on a night out.
•Kvarnen located at Tjärhovsgatan 4 Södermalm, Stockholm. There are wooden bars, dance floor and house DJs. Although beer is in well demand, there is also the great selection of cocktails and vodka brands.