Ericsson Cell Phone.

Swedish Companies

Electrolux – has been rated as the second largest household appliance maker in the world. The appliances are designed for professional use as well. Electrolux was founded in 1919. The appliances of Electrolux are sold under a variety of brand names globally, such as Gibson, Chef, Atlas and Eureka. This company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Many homes in various countries have fridges, vacuum cleaners, dish washing machine, washing machine, stoves and an assortment of household appliances originating from Electrolux.

Ericsson – was founded in1876 and has grown to become a multinational technology company, with headquarters in Stockholm. This Swedish technology company offers and regulates telecommunication systems, video systems and other similar products. Bluetooth (wireless communication between gadgets for sharing data across short distances) was invented by the Ericsson Company. This is rated as one of Sweden’s largest companies and consequently a major employer in the job market.

AB Volvo – is a multinational company with headquarters in Gothenburg. This company (founded in 1927) manufactures, distributes and sells trucks, construction equipment and buses. The Volvo Car Corporation focuses on doing this with automobiles. Since 1999, AB Volvo is not part of Volvo Car Corporation. However the Volvo Trademark Holding AB is equally owned by Volvo Car Corporation and AB Volvo.

H &M Hennes &Mauritz AB (H&M) – this multinational company has headquarters in Stockholm and has become a global retail clothing brand. The company is highly regarded for supplying fashion trends on runways quickly to the consumer (males, females and children). In the year of 1947, the company was founded as H&M. The first store to open outside of Sweden was in Norway in 1964. The company has extended its retail branches across the world. The first H&M stores to open in other countries, among many others:


Canada was in 2004
Mexico was in 2012
Israel 2010
Japan 2008

As of 2013, H&M has retail outlets in 43 countries.

IKEA – was founded in Sweden yet is currently a privately owned Dutch company. IKEA focuses on designing and selling ready to assemble furniture, home accessories and appliances. This is the biggest furniture retailer in the world, supplying homes with beds, chairs and many more items. Ingvar Kamprad (a 17 year old Swede) began this furniture business in 1943;this man has since become one of the richest people in the world. IKEA is an acronym of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd (the farm where Ingvar was raised as a child) and Agunnaryd (Ingvar’s hometown in Småland, in the south of Sweden). Numerous IKEA stores in different countries have restaurants that serve shoppers meals, with a focus on Swedish cuisine. Cheap breakfasts are supplied and refills of coffee, tea and soft drinks are served for free. There are also many IKEA stores that have a Swedish Food Market. For parents and caregivers of children, a variety of retail branches also have a play area called Småland (meaning small lands). There is also the innovative flat-packed IKEA house designed and manufactured for simplicity. The company is also dedicated to being environmentally conscious. IKEA has been named, in past years, as one of the 100 best companies for working mothers to work for and has been rated as one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for.

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