Swedish Newspapers

There are a variety of newspapers that are printed in Sweden. All evening newspapers are sold in stores from 10am in the tabloid format, and are not sold on subscription. Generally all morning newspapers are sold on subscription and delivered to the residences or premises of subscribers after midnight or in the early hours of the morning. Since the 2000s, all morning newspapers have altered to the tabloid format. Numerous Swedish newspapers have websites and the online pages have the option of being translated into various languages for wider readership. The following are some well-known major Swedish newspapers.

•Dagen is a nationwide specific newspaper printed daily from Stockholm, with a focus on the Christian perspective. Lewi Pethrus, the Pentecost leader, started this newspaper and he was the chief editor until 1974 when he died. The first printed Dagen newspaper edition was released for public reading on the 1 November 1945. The newspaper is in Swedish. The online version of Dagen may be read on http://www.dagen.se/ .

•Dagens Industri (also known as DI) is a nationwide specific newspaper printed daily, which is focused on financial news. The newspaper has a tabloid format and has been rated as the most profitable daily newspaper in the country. Bonnier AB or the Bonnier Group initiated the DI. Bonnier AB is controlled by the Bonnier family and is recognised as a private Swedish media group compromising of 175 companies extending over 20 countries. DI began in 1976 and was printed twice a week, and then it was printed five times a week from 1983 and then six issues a week from 1990. Affiliate issues have sprung from DI, in the countries of Russia, Latvia, Austria, Estonia Lithuania, Poland, Scotland and Slovenia. The online version of the newspaper can be viewed at http://www.di.se/. What makes this business newspaper different is that the paper tabloid editions are all printed on pink paper.

•Metro is a free daily newspaper that is printed in four editions distributed over 67 cities and towns in Sweden. The four editions are the Stockholm, Gothenburg, Skåne and National (Riks). This newspaper is published by Metro International (a Swedish media company). The first edition was the Metro Stockholm and distributed from the 13 February 1995. The online version can be viewed at http://www.metro.se/ .

•Expressen is a daily evening newspaper, with a tabloid format, which is distributed nationwide. Its political focus tends to be centre right and also described as independent liberal. On the 16 November 1944, the first issue was printer for distribution to the public. The Expression editions are owned by Bonnier AB, with headquarters in Stockholm. There are different editions of Expressen, including Expressen, Göteborgs-Tidningen or GT (main editorial offices in Gothenburg and distributed mainly in the western parts of Sweden) and Kvällsposten (editorial offices in Malmö and distributed in southern Sweden). Each of the three editions of this newspaper has their own interactive website that can be translated for broad readership.