Swedish Pronunciation

Although many Swedes are fluent in English, for anyone to fully integrate into Sweden it is of a great support to learn the native main language.

Many of the consonants are exactly the same in Swedish as they are in English. However there are some exceptions in Swedish:

J is pronounced like the "y"in "yellow"
G is pronounced like the English "g"if it is followed by an a, o, or å;pronounced like the "y"in "yellow"if followed by an e, i, ä, or ö
K is pronounced like the English "k"if it is followed by an a, o, or å;pronounced like "sh"if followed by an e, i, ä, or ö
Rs is r, if followed by s is pronounced as "sh"
Y is the pronunciation falls between that of "oo"in "moose"and "y"in "any"(the trick: shape your mouth as if you were going to say "y"but then try to say "oo")

The following provides a basic idea of the pronunciation of vowels:
A is pronounced like the "aw"in "claw"
E is pronounced like the "e"in "fell"
I is pronounced like the "ee"in "fleece"
O is the pronunciation falls between that of "o"in "close"and "oo"in "moose"
U is pronounced like the "oo"in "moose"
Å is the pronunciation falls between that of "o"in "close"and "o"in "pot"
Ä is pronounced like the "a"in "apple"
Ö is pronounced like the "u"in "full"

The following are some basic greetings:
Hello: Hej.
Goodbye: Adjö/Hej då.
Yes: Ja.
No: Nej.
Please: Snälla/Vänligen.
Thank you: Tack.
That's fine: Det är bra.
You are welcome: Varsågod
Excuse me (sorry): Ursäkta mig/Förlåt
Do you speak English?: Talar du engelska?
I don't understand: Jog förstår inte.
How much is it?: Hur mycket kostar den?
What's your name?: Vad heter du?
My name is …: Jag heter …

While interacting with a Swede, or while being in Sweden it may be worthwhile knowing some Swedish Small Talk
Where is the …?: Var finns …?
Bus stop: busshållplatsen
Train station: tågstationen
Tramstop: spårvagnshållplatsen
What time does the …leave/arrive?: Nar avgar/kommer?
Boat: båten
Bus (city): bussen
Tram: spårvagnen
Train: tåget

Swedish Signs
Entrance: ingång
Exit: utgång
No vacancies: fullt
Information: information
Open: öppen
Closed: stängd
Police station: polisstation
Rooms available: lediga rum
Toilets: toalett
Men: herrar
Women: damer

To find direction around a Swedish town, knowing the name of your destination in Sweden can be of a great assistance.
Bank: bank
City centre: centrum
… embassy: … ambassaden
My hotel: mitt hotell
Market: marknaden
Newsagency: nyhetsbyrå
Post office: postkontoret
Public telephone: offentlig telefon
Public toilet: offentlig toalett
Tourist office: turistinformation
What time does it open/close?: när öppnar/stänger de?
(Strong) beer: starköl

Swedish Times &Dates
What time is it?: Vad ar klockan?
Today: idag
Tomorrow: imorgon
Yesterday: igår
Morning: morgonen
Afternoon: eftermiddagen
Night: natt
Monday: måndag
Tuesday: tisdag
Wednesday: onsdag
Thursday: torsdag
Friday: fredag
Saturday: lördag
Sunday: söndag

Zero: noll
One: ett
Two: två
Three: tre
Four: fyra
Five: fem
Six: sex
Seven: sju
Eight: åtta
Nine: nio
Ten: tio

For more information, please view: https://learningswedish.se