Types Of Swedish Music

Sweden generally has a reputation of having produced highly regarded musicians in folk and classical music in bygone years, and even to this day. Modern musicians have tended to incorporate a great variety of music styles. Over the years Sweden has produced some famously talented musicians in various genres, which include the following genres of music:
•Jazz musicians
•Classical composers in Sweden that have become prominently known, include Carl Michael Bellman, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Hugo Alfvén, Franz Berwald, Lars-Erik Larsson and Allan Pettersson. Carl Michael Bellman, who lived in the 1700s, was a talented poet, composer, songwriter and performer. To this day his musical songs are still being played. His work has been translated into several languages. Wilhelm Stenhammar lived from the latter half of the 1700s into the early half of the 1800s. His musical career involved being a conductor. While writing chamber music he is known to have produced highly acclaimed string quartets. In his home country he was considered as one of the best of his time. His compositions include orchestral, opera and chorus works. Allan Pettersson is today remembered as one of the best composers in Sweden during the 20th century. International followers began to be great supporters of his work from the latter years of his life. Sweden has also produced some talented soprano and other types of opera singers.
•Progg is a term that is used by Sweden to describe ‘progressive music’. It covers many genres and has a left-wing and anti-commercial musical movement. Progg encompasses art, theatre and alternative lifestyles. Progg began to be formed in the late 1960s.
•Pop is where Sweden has had much successful acclaim through Swedish pop artists. The first musical group from Sweden with successful pop music that became world renowned in English speaking countries was ABBA. It was soon after ABBA that Roxette and Ace of Base amongst other great performers followed.
•Dance music and Alternative Rock is affiliated with Sweden, through popular music groups, such as The Cardigans.
•Hip hop emerged in Sweden in the early 1980s. Although at the beginning rappers performed in English, the local dialect has become in vogue;such as a form known as Rinkeby Swedish (the youth vernacular of many suburbs dominated by immigrants).
•Heavy metal has been well played by Swedes, one of the best known bands performing heavy metal is Europe. Europe is the source if the 1986 hit called ‘The Final Countdown’.
•Rock music is another popular genre where Swedes have become some of the biggest producers of such music. The most successful rock band to have originated from Sweden is Europe. This band was formed in 1979 and went onto to become internationally famous, in heavy metal and rock.
•Punk has become popular in Sweden since the 1970s. Mob 47 and Anti Cimex are considered be the most inspirational punk band performers.
•Reggae has become famous in the country, to the extent that from 2001 an annual celebration of such music is hosted every year called the Uppsala Reggae Festival. This is the largest reggae festival in Sweden.
•Electronic music produced in Sweden is known to be influenced to a large degree by German electronic music.
These are some of the main genres of music that are performed by Swedes.

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